Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sassy Tiara Shirts!

Check out these sassy zebra print tiaras!  Perfect for your little princess!  They even have some extra "bling"!  We did the pink and purple tiaras on black turtle necks and added an initial in the middle of the tiara.  (The pictures do not do them justice and are not the best quality either.)  You can customize how you would like! $25

Giraffe Print A-line Dress

This is a belated birthday present for one sweet little girl!  It is fully lined with pink batiste and has coordinating pink buttons.  The initial T is done in Curlz applique font.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Get your Christmas orders in NOW!!

These are just some sample Christmas outfits.  You can choose different gingham/corduroy colors and different designs to customize your own outfit!  Get your Christmas orders in now so your little one can get the most wear out of their Christmas attire!  Any of these designs can also be done on longalls/rompers for boys!!

  The ruffle pants are a tan corduroy.

We went back and added red ricrac to this little shirt to add a little more cuteness to it! (Pic would NOT rotate for me!) 

This is a red corduroy. 
Shirts and turtlenecks with no name

Here is a picture of my cute model, modeling the penquin outfit.  (I tried to put it with the other penguin pics, but couldn't figure it out!)  The ruffle pants just look so cute.  Couldn't get her to put on shoes though!  You get the idea!!

This gingerbread man is made of our a tan corduroy.  (Cords are hard to see in the pictures!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Barn Applique Top and Ruffle Pants

Our pictures of this outfit can't be used b/c the camera broke, but Sadie's mom sent us these of her beautiful daughter in this precious outfit!  Thanks Heather and Sadie for these amazing pictures!  Hope she had a great birthday!
On the reverse side of this A-line top is a bright green gingham with the present applique for Christmas!  

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Initial A-line Top and Ruffle Pants Outfit

I love the way this outfit turned out!  SO cute!  It is a very soft pink corduroy and the top is fully lined.  This will look great with a white or brown long sleeved shirt underneath! (Sorry about the blurry pics...)

Set of 3 Custom Bibs

New Baby Gift Set

Barn Applique Shirt

LOVE this barn applique!  Hope Zach likes it too!